How is the ministry supported financially?2019-10-13T21:43:07+00:00

We believe the ministry and in turn God’s Kingdom work is supported primarily by the tithes and offerings of the members.

What are the next steps after I decide to become part of this church family?2019-10-13T21:42:12+00:00

There is a DVD entitled NBC (New Beginning Class) which is available at no cost to you providing an introduction to the ministry and your new life in Christ. Also Foundation Class is available next to provide you basis for involvement in ministry. We believe everyone is uniquely gifted to serve and we are here to help you find that special place.

How do I become a member?2019-10-13T21:41:46+00:00

First and foremost, the salvation experience makes you a member of God’s church family and a citizen in the Kingdom of God. However, we recognize you as part of our church family based on the word of your testimony. We then have a series of steps that prepare you to live like God wants you to.

What is N.E.A.T. Opportunity?2019-10-13T21:40:00+00:00

This stands for NSCOG Equipping And Training during which opportunity is provided for study of God’s Word , exploration of special interest topics often in a smaller group setting on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

Do I have to say anything when I come for the first time?2019-10-13T21:39:37+00:00

No, we will not put you on the spot but we do honor and recognize you with a special gift to show our appreciation for you being here.

When do you have an opportunity for Bible Study?2019-10-13T21:39:12+00:00

As part of N.E.A.T. Opportunity we provide a time to explore biblical truths straight from the Bible to address everyday issues.

What if I don’t have a way to worship?2019-10-13T21:38:36+00:00

We have a transportation ministry which can pick you up and get you back home. Simply call 205-849-7676 no later than 6 pm on Saturday.

How long is worship?2019-10-13T21:38:10+00:00

Sunday morning worship times are typically from 10 am until 11:30 to 11:45am

What are our worship times?2019-10-13T21:37:19+00:00

We have corporate worship services at 10am on Sundays.

Do you have a children ministry?2019-10-13T21:36:46+00:00

Yes, we have as part of Children’s ministry, Children’s Church which meets during our 10 am worship service.

What is the worship style?2019-10-13T21:35:52+00:00

We have a participatory worship experience where we invite you to praise the Lord in the expression of worship that fits you best. We have a blend of contemporary praise and worship songs in addition to traditional hymns.

What do we wear?2019-10-13T21:35:03+00:00

We do not have a formal dress code. Many come in casual dress. Pastor Dawkins often ministers in shirt and slacks. We want you to come comfortable to worship and hear a timely message from God for you.

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