Fresh Start Family Solutions

Basic Philosophy

Children with behavioral social and emotional deficits will be attended to on an individual basis by our Program and Clinical Director, Phillip Turner, MS

Most children live in a single parent home or both parents work during the summer, so the unsupervised children have free reign and can do whatever they please. Thus, a summer day comprehensive guidance program is needed for these children. A Fresh Start allows all children in the Birmingham area to participate. At A Fresh Start Family Solutions, we believe in developing the whole child- physically, mentally, academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

What We Offer

At Fresh Start Family Solution Summer Youth Enrichment Program your child will learn God’s Word, Play, Sports, Learn Golf, Sing/Choir, Eat Good Food, Education Enrichment Arts-n-Crafts, Learn Computer Skills Make life long friendships, Character Development Performing Arts/Plays, and Educational field trips.

We also offer a variety of themed weeks including: Around the World Week, Professional Arts Week Extreme Sports Week, and Creative Arts Week.

Our Mission

Fresh Start is in the 8th year of existence with an emphasis on academic enrichment, social skills, creative arts, and Christian values. Our goal is to develop the child in all areas while the child has a summer full of fun that he/she never forget.

Our Motto

“Excellence Endures Every Time”. This principle is what we practice.
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